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Cross-domain Integration Center
Section Manager
Wang, Te-Ying
Cross-domain Integration Center
Section Manager
Wang, Te-Ying

Te-Ying Wang is a Project Manager at STLI of the Institute for Information Industry (III) in Taiwan. His responsibilities include to
╴Provide law and policy reports and strategic advice to the government regarding numerous legal regimes, including the digital health industry, open data, personal data protection and utilization, cell therapy, gene technology, and AI.
╴Operate the AEPC CBPR as a member of Taiwan’s accountability agent.
╴Manage the Taiwan Personal Information Protection and Administration System (TPIPAS).


.LL.M., Graduate Institute of Interdisciplinary Legal Studies, National Taiwan University.
.B.S., Department of Life Sciences, National Cheng Kung University.


.Institute for Information Industry / Science & Technology Law Institute Project Manager (June 15, 2020-)
.Institute for Information Industry / Science & Technology Law Institute Legal Researcher (September 21, 2015 – June 14, 2020)
.Science and Technology Law Review / Editor (Jan. 2021 -)
.Policy and Law Center for Environmental Sustainability of National Taiwan University / Research Assistant (Jan. 2013 - Jul. 2015)
Social Services:
.Chinese Debate Promotion Association / standing director (Jan. 2013 – Feb. 2016), director (Feb. 2016 – Jan. 2019)


Seminars and Conferences
.Te-Ying Wang, Taiwan’s Experience in Digital Legislation Systems, presented at the 10th Asian Legislative Experts Symposium, Korea Legislation Research Institute (Sep. 29, 2022).
.Te-Ying Wang, The Initial analysis of Taiwan’s EUA Mechanisms: The “Convergent Evolution” of Disease Control Legal Regime and Pharmaceutical Affairs Legal Regime, presented at 2022 Annual Conference on Health Law and Policy, Graduate Institute of National Development, National Taiwan University (in Chinese)(Sep. 22-23, 2022).
.Te-Ying Wang, Key Regulatory Issues on the Development of Digital Health, presented at Caretech Forum, Ankecare (Sep. 16, 2022).
.Te-Ying Wang, Personal Data Protection and Cyber Security of Cable Television Industry, presented at Cable Television Development Conference 2020, National Communications Commission (in Chinese), (Dec. 10, 2020).
.Te-Ying Wang, Legal and policy measures against COVID-19 in Taiwan, speech at 8th Asian Legislative Experts Symposium, (Nov. 25, 2020).
.Te-Ying Wang, Data Portability: the key to the digital health era, speech at APEC Policy Dialogue: Application of Digital Health Technology in the Era of Post COVID-19, (Nov. 24, 2020).
.Te-Ying Wang, Legality and Solutions of Inter-Hospital Data Transmission, presented at 4 Hospitals Joint Seminar on National Health Insurance Data Research 2019, Medical Research Department of Taichung Veterans General Hospital (in Chinese), (Nov. 5, 2019).
.Te-Ying Wang, Risk Management of Smart Traffic: the Possible Distribution Solutions of Civil Liability Responsibility on Self-Driving Car, presented at Academic and Practical Conference on Technology and Legal System, Legal Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government, Graduate School of Science and Technology Law of YunTech, and Science and Technology Law Institute of Information Industry Institute (in Chinese), (May 22, 2019).

.Te-Ying Wang, the Initial Research on the Four Models of the Right to Control Personal Data After Provisions, CONTEMPORARY LAW JOURNAL 6, 46 (in Chinese) (2022).
.Te-Ying Wang, Background Context of National Health Insurance Databank Constitutional Suits: the Interweaving of Data Utilization and Data Protection, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW 34(4), 61 (in Chinese) (2022).
.Tzu-Hsiung Wang & Te-Ying Wang, COVID-19 and Global Public Health Governance: the Decline of WHO and the Rise of New Paradigm, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW, 32(5), 51 (in Chinese) (2020).
.Te-Ying Wang, Initial Assessment of the California Consumer Privacy Act 2018: Norms And Impacts Towards Privacy Protection Regimes in the US, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW, 32(3), 19 (in Chinese) (2016).
.Te-Ying Wang, the Premarket Regulation of Mobile Medical Software: The American Experience, ANGLE HEALTH LAW REVIEW, 30, 21 (in Chinese) (2019).
.Te-Ying Wang, an Initial Exploration of the Development of Genetic Information Protection Regime, ANGLE HEALTH LAW REVIEW, 25, 60 (in Chinese) (2018).
.Te-Ying Wang, the mandatory hospitalization in Metal Health Act invaded the right to liberty of people with disabilities: international review of Taiwan's initial report on CRPD, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW, 29(12), 7 (in Chinese) (2017).
.Te-Ying Wang, Human Rights Standards on Mandatory Bio-Data Collecting: Opinions From the United Nations Human Rights Committee, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW, 28(11), 46 (in Chinese) (2016).
.Te-Ying Wang, the New Development of Genetic Modified Food Labeling in the US: To Compel, or Not To Compel?, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW, 28(7), 15 (in Chinese) (2016).

.Te-Ying Wang, a Review of the Conservation Legal Regime of Taiwan: the Evolution, the Characteristics, and the Driving Forces (in Chinese) (2015) (unpublished Master thsis, LLM in Taiwan University, College of Law).

.Christina Wen-Wei Chen, Mei-Hen Chiu, Yen-Hsuan Chen, Te-Ying Wang, and Ya-Ming Chen, Opinions of Amicus Curie Submitted for the cases of Decriminalization of Adultery (Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 792) before the Constitutional Court of Taiwan (Grand Justices), (2020).
.Te-Ying Wang, Christina Wen-Wei Chen, Yen-Hsuan Chen, and Ya-Ming Chen, Opinions of Amicus Curie Submitted for the cases of preservation of aboriginals rights to life (Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 803) before the Constitutional Court of Taiwan (Grand Justices), (2021).

Professional Certification

.TPIPAS Certified Privacy Management Professional
.TPIPAS Certified Privacy Lead Auditor