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Digital Innovation Center
Project Manager
Sun, Yu-Ting
Digital Innovation Center
Project Manager
Sun, Yu-Ting

As a project manager at the Science & Technology Law Institute, Sun, Yu-Ting is mainly responsible for privacy protection, and data governance. Currently, she is managing projects related to the legal framework planning for the Sports Data Altruism Service and the smepass Platform. She has participated in various projects, including “Research on the Governance Model of Innovative Application Services Provided by the Telecommunications Industry by Using Data”, “DIGI+ periodic research”, and “Optimization of Government Cloud Service Interface Plan from the Perspective of Enterprises”. She has contributed to the drafting of documents such as the Cyber Security White Paper, Mandatory and Prohibitory Provisions of Standard Form Contract for Telecommunications services, and Crowdfunding Platforms. Additionally, she has been involved in research on critical legal issues such as FinTech, and also the introduction and guidance of personal data de-identification systems.


.Master of Law in Science and Technology, National Tsing Hua University
.Bachelor of Laws, National Taipei University


.Institute for Information Industry / Science & Technology Law Institute Legal Researcher(October, 2015 -present )


.Sun, Yu-Ting, Privacy Issues of Applications on Mobile Devices (2015) (unpublished master's thesis, Institute of Law for Science and Technology, National Tsing Hua University)

Professional Certification

.Energy Management Systems (EnMS, ISO 50001:2018)/Lead Auditor
.Personal Information Management Systems (PIMS, BS 10012:2017+A1:2018) Auditor/Lead Auditor
.Personal Information Privacy Management (PIMS,ISO/IEC 27701:2019) Auditor/Lead Auditor
.Information Security Management Systems (ISMS, ISO/IEC 27001:2013) Auditor/Lead Auditor
.Certified TPIPAS Internal Management Specialist (IMS)
.Certified TPIPAS Internal Auditor (IA)
.Certified TPIPAS Certified Verification Professional (CVP)