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Innovation & Intellectual Property Center
Deputy Director
Tsou, Tsung-Hsuan
Innovation & Intellectual Property Center
Deputy Director
Tsou, Tsung-Hsuan

Tsung-Hsuan Tsou serves as a Deputy Director in the Science & Technology Law Institute of the Institute for Information Industry. She is responsible for establishing the model of intellectual property management and provides guideline of Intellectual Property Management and assist enterprises to operate their Intellectual Property Resource effectively. Currently, she is in charge of the project of the Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System(TIPS) and also coach those enterprises for establishing their internal Intellectual Property Management System.

Tsung-Hsuan Tsou is in charge of projects related to brand and intellectual property (IP) topics. And she also promotes governmental projects by offering professional services of IP protection, management and strategic deployment to Taiwan enterprises that aim to establish international brands or operate markets abroad.

Before entering the Science & Technology Law Institute, she engaged in biology-related studies in the National Health Research Institute. In addition, she acted as a engineer in Tai E Patent Law Office where she was in charge of drafting of local and foreign patent specification. Afterwards, she served as a research assistant in the National Applied Research Laboratories. Because of business requirement, she transferred to the Department of Planning and Evaluation of the National Science Council where she was responsible for the operation of auditing the Government Technology Budget, planning of intellectual property management of NPO and checking patent and contract and so on.

Tsung-Hsuan Tsou is also a candidate of lead auditor who has completed the required formal training of ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 standards under IRCA Auditor Certification Scheme. With the receiving of Qualification Certificate and further practicing, Tsung-Hsuan Tsou is now an expert of “quality management system” and its international standards. She is capable to assist enterprises to build up internal.


.Tsung-Hsuan Tsou has M. S. degree of Graduate Institute of Medical and Molecular Toxicology of Chung Shan Medical University, and got another master’s degree from the Institute of Professional Law of National Taipei University. She is enrolling in the Intellectual Property Research Institute of Xiamen University as Ph.D student currently.



.Institute for Information Industry / Associate Senior Manager of Science &Technology Law Center
.Institute for Information Industry / Project Manager of Science &Technology Law Center
.Institute for Information Industry / Legal Research Fellow of the Science & Technology Law Center
.National Science Council / Assistant Research Fellow
.National Applied Research Laboratories / Assistant Research Fellow
.Patent Law Office / Patent Engineer
.National Health Research Institute / Research Assistant


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