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Innovation & Intellectual Property Center
Legal Researcher
Kung, Fang-Yi
Innovation & Intellectual Property Center
Legal Researcher
Kung, Fang-Yi

As a legal researcher of Intellectual Property Section in Science & Technology Law Institute, Institute for Information Industry, Fang-Yi Kung is charged with implementing project related to the Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System (TIPS), assisting Taiwanese enterprises and organizations to create and develop their intellectual property strategy.

.MBA in Intellectual Property, National Chengchi University.
.Bachelor of Industrial Design (B.I.D.), National Cheng Kung University.


.Institute for Information Industry / Science & Technology Law Institute / Legal Researcher
.Transpacific IP Management Group Limited/ Business Coordinator
.Transpacific IP Management Group Limited / Market Analyst
.Patent and Trademark Office/ Patent Engineer


.Editor-in-Chief, Easy to Get Started! Tips for Understanding Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System (TIPS) with Case Analysis (1st ed. Dec 2020).
.Co-author, Make Good Use of Intellectual Property Management to Implement Corporate Governance ─ How to Apply TIPS in Compliance with Corporate Governance Evaluation (1st ed. Dec 2021).
.Co-author, Design Patents and Infringement Determination on the Ornamental Designs of Minimal Items─ Everlight Electronics v. Nichia, Cases Analysis of Intellectual Property Law and Management (Part 8) (1st ed. June 2012).

.Fang-Yi Kung, NFT Hidden IP Risk So Check Ownership Before Transaction, TRADE INSIGHT, No.576, P122 (2021).
.Fang-Yi Kung, Viral Meme Hidden Copyright Infringement Possibility, TRADE INSIGHT, No.565, P132 (2021).
.Fang-Yi Kung, Discussion on the Importance and Trend of Intellectual Property Management According to the “Report of Domestic Enterprises Current IP Situation in 2019”, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW, Vol.33 No.1, (2021).
.Fang-Yi Kung, Discussion on How Enterprise To Improve The Strategy of IP Protection Management From Recent US Copyright Cases, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW, Vol.31 No.6, (2019).