About Staff

Digital Innovation Center
Section Manager
Chang, Wan-Chun
Digital Innovation Center
Section Manager
Chang, Wan-Chun

As a project manager in Science & Technology Law Institute, Chang, Wan-Chun is mainly responsible for the researches on the legal policies of smart nations, cybersecurity of ICT supply chain, data and AI governance, and digital sustainability.

She specializes in the legal issues related to data governance, privacy & personal information protection and AI Ethics.


.Master of Laws, Soochow University
.Bachelor of Laws, Soochow University


.Institute for Information Industry / Science & Technology Law Institute Legal Researcher (November, 2016 –)
.Soochow University / Research Assistant (July, 2015-March, 2016)


Master Thesis
.Chang, Wan-chun, A Study on Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment from the Perspective of Sustainable Development (Jan., 2014)(unpublished Master thesis, Soochow University).

.Chang, Wan-chun, The New Regulations on Protecting the Privacy of Broadband Internet Access Service Customers Released by US Federal Communication Commission, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW, 28(12), 12, 12-15(2016).
.Chang, Wan-chun, My Friend Cayla or My Friend Hacker? Privacy and Security Vulnerability of Internet of Things Toys Infringe Consumer Rights, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW, 29(2), 9, 9-12(2017).
.Chang, Wan-chun, How to Ensure Cross-Border Data Flow after Brexit? the Opinion of UK European Union Committee, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW, 29(9), 4, 4-6(2017).
.Chang, Wan-chun, How to Take Personal Data Breach Notification? Learning from GDPR Guidelines, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW, 30(2), 33, 33-42(2018).
.Chang, Wan-chun, GDPR Guidance about Data Protection Impact Assessment Published by UK Information Commissioner’s Office, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW, 30(7), 4, 4-8(2018).

Professional Certification

.BS 10012:2017+A1:2018 Personal Information Management System Auditor/Lead Auditor
.ISO/IEC 27701:2019 Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) Lead Auditor
.ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS) Auditor/Lead Auditor
.Certified TPIPAS Certified Verification Professional (CVP) Certified TPIPAS Internal Auditor (IA)
.Certified TPIPAS Internal Management Specialist (IMS)