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Legal Research & Resource Development Center
Legal Researcher
Tsai, Yi-Jen
Legal Research & Resource Development Center
Legal Researcher
Tsai, Yi-Jen

Yi-Jen is currently a legal researcher at Science & Technology Law Institute, Institute for Information Industry. Her research focus on public-private collaborations, urban governance; and on legal issues concerning smart cities and e-governance.

‧MSc in Urban and Regional Planning, University of Amsterdam
‧LL.B., National Cheng-Kung University


1. Journal Papers

  1. Tsuihsia Kao, Yijen Tsai & Huifen Kao, A Post-occupancy Evaluation of the Reuse of School Vacant Spaces, in THE FIFTH PACIFIC RIM CONFERNECE IN EDUCATION PROCEEDINGS-EDUCATIONAL INNOVATION, 53-66 (2015)
  2. Tsuihsia Kao & Yijen Tsai, The Operation Mode of the Partnership Between Urban School and Communities, THE ELEMENTARY EDUCATION JOURNAL, 59(3), 14-24 (2012)

2. Conference Papers

  1. Yijen Tsai, On the Path Towards Smart Participation: A Case Study of Taiwan, Presented at Spaces of Dialogue for Places of Dignity: Fostering the European Dimension of Planning, The Association of European Schools of Planning (2017, Jul.)
  2. Tsuihsia Kao, Y. Wen & Yijen Tsai, Constructing Indicators for Transformation of Schools: The Next Step of Sustainable Campuses, Presented at the 8th World Environmental Education Congress (2015)

3. Degree Paper

  1. Yijen Tsai, Public Participation Using ICT: A Case Study of Taiwan's I-Voting System (30 Aug. 2018)(unpublished Master thesis. University of Amsterdam)