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Innovation & Intellectual Property Center
Associate Legal Researcher
Hsieh, Ming-Chun
Innovation & Intellectual Property Center
Associate Legal Researcher
Hsieh, Ming-Chun

Hsieh, Ming-Chun serves at Science & Technology Law Institute of Institute for Information Industry, Innovation & Intellectual Property Center as a associate legal researcher and is responsible for the study of smart agricultural policies and data protection laws. He researches on the legal issues related to Copyright laws and Data governance and Creative Commons.

.National Taiwan University, M.A.
.Soochow University, LL.B.


.Institute for Information Industry / Science & Technology Law Institute Associate Legal Researcher (Nov, 2020 - )
.Academia Sinica / Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Adjunct Research Assistant (Feb, 2014 – Jun, 2018 )
.Ministry of Education / Creative Commons Project Research Assistant (Jun, 2012 – May, 2013 )


.Hsieh, Ming-Chun, A Study of the Google Book Search Antitrust Controversy 135 (Feb. 15, 2012) (unpublished Degree granted thesis/dissertation, National Taiwan University).

.Hsieh, Ming-Chun, Introduction to the Judicial Blockchain Alliance Established by Chinese Courts - Focusing on the participating members of the Judicial Blockchain Alliance, Science and Technology Law Review, Vol.34, No.8, 29-39 (2022).
.Hsieh, Ming-Chun, €47 million fund to protect intellectual property of EU SMEs, 587 Trade Insight Biweekly, (2022).
.Hsieh, Ming-Chun, South Korea and Singapore ranked among the top 10 in the Global Innovation Index 2021, 580 Trade Insight Biweekly, (2021).
.Hsieh, Ming-Chun, CDO Council looks to ‘blend data’ across agencies to maximize value, 563 Trade Insight Biweekly, (2021).