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Digital Innovation Center
Associate Legal Researcher
Juan, Yun-Chien
Digital Innovation Center
Associate Legal Researcher
Juan, Yun-Chien

Juan, Yun-chien is currently serve as Associate Legal Researcher, research on legal issues about E-Commerce, Digital Economy, Blockhain, Cybersecurity and Market Competition.


.Master of Financial and Economic Law ,Chung Yuan Christian University.
.Bachelor of Financial and Economic Law ,Fu Jen Catholic University.


.Institute for Information Industry / Science & Technology Law Institute (September 25, 2017 - )


Master Thesis
.Juan, Yun-chien, Legal Analysis on the Competition Effect of Search Engines Under Non-price Restraints ,141 (2017) (published Master thesis, Chung Yuan Christian University).

.Juan, Yun-chien, Analyze a Search Engine’s Relevant Market from a Two-sided Market Perspective, Fair Trade Quarterly, 26(1), 49 (2018).
.Juan, Yun-chien, ASIC issued guidance on the application of their securities and financial services laws to ICOs, Science & Technology Law Review, 30(5), 2 (2018).
.Juan, Yun-chien, International Comparison of Crypto-Asset Supervisory Policy, Science & Technology Law Review, 30(9), 26 (2018).
.Juan, Yun-chien, The Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council(HPH SCC) published Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices: Managing Threats and Protecting Patients(HICP), SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW, 31(7), 8 (2019).
.Juan, Yun-chien, Discussion on the Legal Liability of Platform Operators for User Torts, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW, 31(11), 40 (2019).
.Juan, Yun-chien, When facing the cybersecurity risks of 5G –The development of cybersecurity policies and standards in USA, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW, 32(9), 37 (2020).
.Juan, Yun-chien, The White House developed the National Strategy to Secure 5G, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW, 32(11), 5 (2020).
.Juan, Yun-chien, The Market Competition Issues of Digital Driven Business-European Commission's Digital Markets Act Proposal, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW, 33(2) (2021).
.Juan, Yun-chien, DOC & DHS issued Assessment of the Critical Supply Chains Supporting the U.S. Information and Communications Technology Industry, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW, 34(6), 2 (2022).
.Juan, Yun-chien, Discussion on how to prevent the spread of false commercial information on the Internet - focusing on the responsibility of digital platforms, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW, 35(1), 14 (2023).
.Juan, Yun-chien, Analyzing the policy development of the United States in response to the cybersecurity risks arising from Quantum Computing, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW, 35(3), 42 (2023).
.Juan, Yun-chien, The White House issued the National Cybersecurity Strategy, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW, 35(6), 4 (2023).

Professional Certification

.Taiwan Personal Information Protection and Administration System(TPIPAS) Internal Management Specialist
.Taiwan Personal Information Protection and Administration System(TPIPAS) Internal Auditor
.Information Security Management Systems(ISMS) Auditor/Lead Auditor (ISO/IEC 27001:2013)
.Personal Information Privacy Management (PIMS) Auditor/Lead Auditor (ISO/IEC 27701:2019)
.BS 10012:2017+A1:2018 Personal Information Management System Auditor/Lead Auditor