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Director General
Vice President and Director General
Hsiao, Harvey Hung-Yi
Director General
Vice President and Director General
Hsiao, Harvey Hung-Yi

Dr. Hung-Yi Hsiao currently serves as the Vice President and Director General of the Science & Technology Law Institute, Institute for Information Industry. Before Dr. Hsiao takes this position, he was the Professor of Law School and Dean of International & Cross-Strait Academic Exchange, Soochow University, with expertise in IP law and criminal law. Dr. Hsiao has been a researcher and instructor of law. He has helped amend legislation for government agencies such as the Judicial Yuan and the Ministry of Justice, under which he has also served as a lecturer for the Judges Academy and the Academy for the Judiciary and convener of the Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan.


With experience as director, independent director, and chairperson of several listed companies, Dr. Hsiao has built a comprehensive understanding of corporate legal issues. In addition to being a qualified arbitrator, Dr. Hsiao has extensive experience in a range of fields including higher education, legal practice, communications technology and financials. Hopefully, with his experience in practice and academia, Dr. Hsiao can lead Science & Technology Law Institute to create more achievements!


.Soochow University, Doctor of Law
.National Cheng Kung University, Master of Law
.Soochow University, Bachelor of Law


Academic Experience:
.Adjunct Professor, Department of Criminal Investigation, Central Police University, 02/2018-01/2022
.Adjunct Professor, Graduate Institute of Financial and Economic Law, Feng Chia University, 02/2018-01/2022
.Professor, School of Law, Soochow University, 09/2015-07/2022

Professional Experience:
.Committee member, National Judge Personal Information Protection Commission, Judicial Yuan, 7/2023-present
.Senior Strategy Chief of Technology Transfer Foundation Law Center in Industrial Technology Research Institute, 4/2023-present
.Trustee in Taiwan information Security Foundry company board, 12/2022-present
.Committee member, Prosecutor Review Commission, Ministry of Justice, 7/2022-present
.Director representative appointed by legal persons, China Development Financial Holding Corporation, 6/2022-present
.Dean, Office of International & Cross-Strait Academic Exchange, Soochow University, 08/2021-07/2022
.Director of Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. 06/2019-06/2022
.Independent Director and Chairman of China Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. 05/2019-05/2022
.Dean, Office of Student Affairs, Soochow University, 08/2017-07/2020
.Committee member, Judges Evaluation Commission, Judicial Yuan, 11/2015-11/2017


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