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Director General
Vice President and Director General
Hsiao, Harvey Hung-Yi
Director General
Vice President and Director General
Hsiao, Harvey Hung-Yi

Dr. Hung-Yi Hsiao currently serves as the Vice President and Director General of the Science & Technology Law Institute, Institute for Information Industry. Before Dr. Hsiao takes this position, he was the Professor of Law School and Dean of International & Cross-Strait Academic Exchange, Soochow University, with expertise in IP law and criminal law. Dr. Hsiao has been a researcher and instructor of law. He has helped amend legislation for government agencies such as the Judicial Yuan and the Ministry of Justice, under which he has also served as a lecturer for the Judges Academy and the Academy for the Judiciary.

With experience as director, independent director, and chairperson of several listed companies, Dr. Hsiao has built a comprehensive understanding of corporate legal issues. In addition to being a qualified arbitrator, Dr. Hsiao has extensive experience in a range of fields including higher education, legal practice, communications technology and financials. Hopefully, with his experience in practice and academia, Dr. Hsiao can lead Science & Technology Law Institute to create more achievements!

.Soochow University, Doctor of Law
.National Cheng Kung University, Master of Law
.Soochow University, Bachelor of Law


Academic Experience:
.Adjunct Professor, Department of Criminal Investigation, Central Police University, 02/2018-01/2022
.Adjunct Professor, Graduate Institute of Financial and Economic Law, Feng Chia University, 02/2018-01/2022
.Professor, School of Law, Soochow University, 09/2015-07/2022
.Associate Professor, School of Law, Soochow University, 08/2012-09/2015
.Assistant Professor, School of Law, Soochow University, 08/2010-03/2012

Professional Experience:
.Senior Strategy Chief of Technology Transfer Foundation Law Center in Industrial Technology Research Institute, 4/2023-present
.Trustee and Chairman in Taiwan information Security Foundry company board, 12/2022-present
.Committee member, Prosecutor Review Commission, Ministry of Justice, 7/2022-present
.Director representative appointed by legal persons, China Development Financial Holding Corporation, 6/2022-present
.Dean, Office of International & Cross-Strait Academic Exchange, Soochow University, 08/2021-07/2022
.Director representative appointed by the Ministry of Transportation and Communication, China Electric Manufacturing Corporation, 06/2019-06/2022
.Independent director, Corporate directors & chairman of the board, China Electric Manufacturing Corporation, 05/2019-05/2022
.Dean, Office of Student Affairs, Soochow University, 08/2017-07/2020
.Committee member, Judges Evaluation Commission, Judicial Yuan, 11.2015-11/2017


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