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You violate the rules of Newsletter Terms of Service, and the action harms the right of STLI and third parties.
STLI no longer providing the services to users.
In the foregoing paragraph, we do not accept any responsibility for damages or compensation. At the same time, you have already occurred obligation is not exempt.

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Notification and Letter of Consent for Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Information

Version: P-V5-STLI

According to the R.O.C. Personal Information Protection Act and the internal policy/regulations of Institute for Information Industry (hereinafter referred to as “III”), III is obligated to make the following notification known to you before you provide personal information to III. Please read it carefully.

1. Purposes and Categories of Personal Information to be Collected

For the purpose of carrying out III’s business, activity or project, the purpose of providing service,  internal administrative management or reporting to the competent authority, the purpose complying with the Endowment, or the purpose of sending III’s or industry relevant information, III needs you to provide these categories of personal information: Email.
Note: You may choose, at any time in the future, not to receive any promotional information from III by clicking the link provided in the promotional message.

2. Time Period, Area, Target and Way of the Use of Personal Information

Unless the purposes of use relating to international businesses or activities, your personal information will be used solely by III in a reasonable way in the territory of the Republic of China to the extent necessary to implement the purposes of collection until the purposes of collection prescribed above is fulfilled.

3. Your Rights with regard to Personal Information Provided

You may exercise the following rights in pursuant to the rules of the activities/project or by submitting your inquiry/request on our website ( at “Application for Exercising Rights with Regard to Personal Information” page:

(1)any inquiry and request for a review of the personal information;
(2)any request to make duplications of the personal information;
(3)any request to supplement or correct the personal information;
(4)any request to discontinue collection, processing or use of the personal information; and
(5)any request to delete the personal information.

4. The Influence on Your Rights and Interests while You Choose not to Provide Your Personal Information

If you provide incorrect personal information or choose not to provide your personal information to III, III may not be able to provide you with services relating to the purposes prescribed above.

5. You understand that this document complies with the R.O.C. Personal Information Protection Act and relating regulations, and you agree that III keeps this document for further checking.


The Consent to Provide Personal Information:

1. I have read and understood the above notification.
2. I agreed that III may collect, process and use my personal information for the purposes of collection prescribed above.